We love design, it is central to everything that we do at KIBRE.

For too long, rental properties have lacked inspiration, simply being a ‘product’ and not a ‘home’. This is something we are working hard to change.

We transform new developments, and existing buildings, in to exciting aspirational living spaces where residents can feel proud and completely at home. Our designs ensure that people are taken on a journey through each of our projects, with real consideration given to the local history, architecture and people.

We are are equally skilled in giving new life to old run down buildings, and extracting the full potential from challenging spaces, as we are in designing a development from shell and core.

Our passion for creating emotive co-living and co-working environments, bringing people together, and tying in the designs of these areas with the apartments and even our furnishings, is the core of our business.

The world is changing and our residents want and deserve more from their rental homes, KIBRE are here to deliver on that!