We pride ourselves in being able to design and create beautiful meticulously detailed spaces, added to which we also source, procure, manufacture and install FF&E to meet all of our client's needs.


With our design team, procurement, storage, management and logistics all in house, we understand the challenges and work hard to simplify your projects for you.

Interior and FF&E Design

We love design, it is central to everything that we do.

Through clever and beautiful design we create value across a range of sectors including Build to Rent & multi-residential, and workplace.

We are equally skilled in giving new life to old run-down buildings, and extracting the full potential from challenging spaces, as we are in designing a development from shell and core.

We transform new developments and existing buildings into exciting aspirational living, working and social spaces.

Our designs ensure that people are taken on a journey through each property, with in-depth consideration given to the local history, architecture and residents.

We work hard to change the shape of commercial and residential properties to support individuals and build communities, and we are dedicated to creating emotive living and co-working environments that perform aesthetically and functionally.

We are highly collaborative in the way we work, working closely with the client, marketing, management and other consultant teams to deliver a cohesive design, ensuring the best possible outcomes are achieved.

We also seek to design more environmentally conscious buildings and interiors with the use of thoughtful material selection and sustainable furniture integration.

Furniture Design, Selection and Manufacturing

At Kibre we believe that that both the interiors of a building and its furnishings should be designed holistically and tailored to each individual property.

Our unique skillset and experience, in both Interior Design and Furniture Design, allows us to create bespoke furniture, combined with independently sourced products, to enhance space and ensure everything is designed to fit perfectly and look beautiful.

The quality of our furnishings is paramount. We only work with credible, established manufacturers and suppliers. All materials are ethically sourced and compliant with UK and EU regulations.

Our furnishings are designed with management efficiencies in mind, ensuring they are easy to maintain and that component parts are easily replaceable.

Environmentally conscious product selection and design is core to our FF&E offering. Please see the section under sustainability for more information.

Styling and Dressing

The final touches are essential in bringing our designs to life.

Kibre provides in house styling design, procurement and dressing.

We consider the aspirations of both the residents and the client and create 'lifestyle' environments, ensuring all aspects of the design are pulled together harmoniously.

We offer this service across all projects, styling showflats, amenity spaces, cafes, gyms, offices and much more.

Please see our projects for examples of what we can do. 

Procurement, Delivery, Installation and Aftercare

KIBRE manages all of the procurement and logistics in-house, ensuring efficiency and quality is delivered within competitive timescales. This gives us full control over the process and means we can efficiently manage production and delivery timings, without the need for 3rd parties. As a result, we can be far more reactive to client demands and project delays.

We are highly experienced in the logistical challenges of installing large projects having now installed several thousand apartments across the UK, the largest single installation to date being 450 apartments in Croydon.

We take pride in the way with work with our clients and their consultants, management teams, contractors and residents, to ensure a smooth and safe process from beginning to end.

Our headquarters in West Sussex provides us with over 12,000 sq ft of warehousing, while we also have access to in excess of over 130,000sqft of partner storage in the Midlands and South East.